About Sarah

I believe good design makes information more meaningful and I love the challenge of solving complex design problems, creating systems and developing new products. I am extremely lucky to have the opportunity to do it all at Work & Co. and previously, at the Washington Post.

As someone who worked brand-side and now agency-side, I have spent much of my time thinking about digital products – how they perform and how they impact revenue. At the Post, I was responsible for the design and user experience across all products, and now I work directly with executive teams at a range of companies to help them solve their biggest challenges. I've worked on rethinking experiences for core products, mobile apps, responsive web sites and other digital platforms, like Android TV.

At the Washington Post, my design philosophy was grounded in collaboration. It was critical to build cross-discipline teams where everyone contributed to strategy. Where designers, product managers, developers, editors, reporters and research analysts all had a seat at the table to work closely on developing a product.

If you want to learn more, follow me on Twitter, check out my Flickr photos, and my Instagrams. I would also love to hear from you! Feel free to email me at .