Best of The Post

December 2011-2012

Best of The Post is an annual collection of the best, most memorable photos and videos. It was an outdated, challenging interface before I lead the redesign.

My contribution: Guided UX and functionality, art direction

Best of The Post is an annual project that aims to organize and display the top visual journalism from The Washington Post throughout the year.

The redesign of Best of The Post originally began in 2011. We had a very dated experience that was anything BUT the best from The Post. I wanted to make this project more accessible, ditch Flash and reorganize the form to support the amazing visuals our editors have curated.

We began by reimagining what our core gallery experience would be. I wanted the design to be sophisticated and the gallery tools to be minimal and simplified to feature the photography in the best possible way. We opted for a full screen experience within the browser window and a simplified index of photographers and topics to navigate the work:

Hat tip to Grace Koerber, Katie Park, Kat Downs, Katie Parker, Dee Swann and all the visual journalists at The Washington Post for making this happen!

Project: Best of The Post 2012

Here’s the evolution of the product: Best of The Post 2011, Best of The Post 2010 and the oldest version, Best of The Post 2006.