Cycling’s Road Forward

February 2013

This presentation was lead by Wilson Andrews and Tim Wong. The template is fully responsive, based on the Bootstrap framework and powered by WordPress.

My contribution: Collaborated on UX, template creation and art direction

Cycling’s Road Forward by Rick Maese is a profile of 21-year-old Joe Dombrowski, a talented athlete from the D.C. region, who is poised to be the next big thing for the sport of cycling. This captivating story gave us the opportunity to design a fully responsive, highly visual presentation.

When this story idea was presented to the design and graphics teams, we unanimously agreed it was the right fit to experiment with an alternative template — something outside of our standard, busy pages that would better weave together the story with visual elements and graphics.

The story moved from outline to draft and we did several designs to establish the visual identity best suited for the feel of the piece. As the graphics came together and we finalized the core template navigation and structure, we ended up with this responsive template:

This project was a joy to work on. We experimented, we collaborated, we learned things and tried to break the rules. We were successful in telling a great story and serving our readers a beautiful experience. For additional background on the presentation and to learn more about the process and technology behind this project, read’s article How The Washington Post created a breakout experience for cycling story.

And of course, check out the story! Here's a link to the project: Cycling's Road Forward

Hat tip to Wilson Andrews, Tim Wong, Kat Downs, Yuri Victor and Mitch Rubin for making this project such a success.