Election Home Page

November 2012

I created the overall plan and visual design for how The Washington Post homepage evolved throughout election night, November 2012.

My contribution: Overall UX, design strategy and visual design

One of the best places to be on an election day is a newsroom. I had the privilege of working several major election nights at The Washington Post, but none were as exciting for me as this past November.

I worked closely with the Politics and Home Page Editors to plan several key home page templates to accommodate the events of election day.

The process began early in September with very simple concepts used to communicate with potential advertisers. After about 10 rounds of wireframes, we settled on 4 distinct layouts to use throughout the evening and into the next day.

Here are a few live screenshots I captured throughout the night:

Hat tip to Eric Rich, Steven Ginsberg, Wilson Andrews and Chris Kankel for all their hard work!